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Watercore designs, builds and installs a wide range of water and wastewater treatment systems for industrial and commercial applications: Iron filtration, reverse osmosis desalination, chlorination and UV disinfection, water softening etc.

Focusing on industrial and commercial projects, Watercore combines different water treatment technologies to succeed in each industry: cooling tower water, boiler water, irrigation water, bore water, labs, hospitals and hospitality.

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reverse osmosis desalination

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cooling tower water treatment


water for holiday parks and resorts

water treatment for hospitals and labs

Our Latest Water Treatment industry posts:

How to overcome feedwater changes in reverse osmosis systems

How to Overcome Feedwater Changes in Reverse Osmosis Systems

Feedwater analysis has always been the most important criterion to design and estimate the performance of Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants, however it is common to find unpredictable and inconsistent feeedwater salinity with frequent and significant variations.
All Watercore RO systems incorporate a PLC that controls the concentrate-valve and automatically adjusts and optimises key performance parameters.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning: Best Practices

RO membrane cleaning is recommended when there is an increase in salt passage or pressure that can be linked to membrane fouling, just before any medium or long term shutdown or as part of the scheduled RO water treatment maintenance protocol, typically every 3 to 6 month.

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Pilot Plants for small-scale testing of water treatment

Pilot Plants for Small-Scale Testing of Water Treatment Techniques

A pilot plant is a collection of equipment and other materials designed to simulate what will happen on a full-scale water treatment process.
Pilot testing offers the flexibility to evaluate the performance through artificially creating a scale plant that will work in real site conditions. It can demonstrate what needs to be done to improve the overall water treatment system, or show where weaknesses are.

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Dechlorination of water before reverse osmosis desalination

How to remove Chlorine (dechlorination of water) from the feed water before Reverse Osmosis Desalination or prior to Discharge

Concentration of residual Chlorine after disinfection or oxidation is often too high for distribution, discharge to the environment or for other downstream water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis desalination.
Amongst other methods, chemical dechlorination by means of Sodium Bisulphite (NaHSO3) is very common for various reasons:
The reaction between Chlorine and Sodium Bisulfite is practically immediate, comes at a lower costs than other chemicals and is widely available for water treatment applications

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Sidestream Water Filtration For Cooling-Towers How and why it will save you money

Sidestream Water Filtration for Cooling Towers: How and why it will save you Money

Cooling towers draw air through the internal fill to provide the evaporative conditions that are responsible for water cooling.
Rule-of-thumb says that around 900–1800 m3 of air is in contact with each m3 of water.
The air normally contains particles of dust, soil, organic matter and other small contaminants in suspension. These particles are dragged from the air and carried by the cooling tower water stream, where they are incorporated as suspended matter.
Sidestream filtration is an economical and effective water treatment process for cooling water

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