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Watercore design, build and install a wide range of water and wastewater treatment systems for industrial and commercial applications: Iron filtration, reverse osmosis desalination, chlorination and UV disinfection, water softening etc.

Focusing on industrial and commercial projects, Watercore combine different technologies to succeed in each industry: cooling tower water, boiler water, irrigation water, bore water, labs, hospitals and hospitality.

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Our Latest water Treatment industry posts:

Improved Flow Paced Chlorine Dosing

Improving Flow-Paced Chlorine Dosing: Lag-Time and Feedback Control

Feedback dosing control, where a flow-pace control is combined with a residual Chlorine or ORP sensor feedback reading, is the best available dosing control for disinfection or oxidation. However, the lag-time between the dosing point and the sensor reading can be problematic when the feedwater quality is inconsistent.

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cooling tower blowdown reuse by means of RO

Recycling Cooling Tower Blowdown Water through Reverse Osmosis

Water reuse in industrial applications has become a growing trend due to higher water demand, constant water scarcity and more stringent regulations.
By removing a high portion of the total dissolved solids in the blowdown, reverse osmosis simplifies the reuse if the blowdown, allows higher concentration cycles and ultimately reduces the amount of blowdown and fresh make-up water required for the cooling tower operation.

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The importance of sediments and turbidity filtering in water by Watercore

The importance of sediment and turbidity filtration in water

Turbidity is the cloudiness caused by fine suspended matter in the water.
There are three main concerns when dealing with turbidity in water:
Suspended solids are an excellent base for bacteria growth and heavy metals. They represent a risk for pumps and other water distribution equipment and has an impact on the aesthetic acceptability of water.

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