Chemical dosing systems for water treatment and industrial processes

plc-controlled chemical dosing stations for the water treatment industry


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Covering flow rates up to 200 litres an hour and output pressure up to 16 bar, our range of dosing units deliver reliable and cost-effective chemical dosing in any water treatment application. Watercore dosing systems include dosing pumps, chemical storage tanks and all the ancillary equipment necessary to provide precise and measurable dosing results.

1. Chemical Dosing applications


  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Washing Systems
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Paper and pulp industry

2. Benefits of using digital dosing systems

3. Chemical Dosing stations designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications

Watercore dosing stations are compact packaged dosing systems  contain all the components required for a quick set-up: from the chemical storage to the injector with spring-loaded non-return valve.

The dosing pumps used in our chemical dosing stations are designed for heavy duty industrial applications and include Grundfos dosing pumps .    
Injector Thread Max Pressure Available Chemical Storage Tank Other Options Suction Line Max Flow (L/H) Control Options

1/2″ BSP

16 Bar

  • No Tank

  • 40 Litres

  • 60 Litres

  • 100 Litres

  • 200 Litres

  • 300 Litres

  • 500 Litres

  • 1000 Litres (IBC)

  • Chemical Resistant Bunds

  • Chemical Mixer

  • Foot valve with no level sensors

  • Foot valve with low and empty level senors

  • 6 L/H

  • 12 L/H

  • 30 L/H

  • 60 L/H

  • 120 L/H

  • 200 L/H

  • Manual

  • Pulses

  • 4-20 mA


Chemical dosing is a common process in most water treatment systems. Dose is always dependent on water quality and flow rate through the system. Besides, other parameters such as water turbidity, PH or ORP level will define adjustments required to control the dosing amount.
The dosing pumps are self-priming diaphragm pump with stepper motor and electronic control to deliver excellent dosing features:
  • Continuous dosing
  • High accuracy
When source water quality is consistent with time, dosing adjustment can be carried out manually, but in those cases when feedwater characteristics have a certain variability an automated control will be the preferred option.
When an automated control is chosen, the chemical injection can be controlled by a single parameter such as flow rate, or ir can be controlled by two or more criterion like flow and PH.
Most Watercore projects relay on piston or diaphragm dosing pumps and the selection will be based on the maximum output pressure and required dosing capacity.
At Watercore, we are experts at ensuring that you choose the right dosing system for your application. Above all, our range of commercial and industrial dosing solutions will adapt to the water treatment process.

4. PLC Controlled chemical dosing capabilities

5. main Chemicals use in water treatment processes

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