services that deliver the best results for your water treatment system

get the best results from our managed services:
Operation and maintanance, water plant renovation or plc integrated control

proven and effective water treatment services

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Watercore experience and know-how will simplify the process of choosing and installing the water treatment system that best suits our customers.

From turbidity filters to prevent downstream fouling to water softeners to protect pipes from carbonate scaling through Iron and Manganese removal and reverse osmosis desalination, our engineers will certainly focus on delivering the best cost-efficient and long-term solution to our customers

1. Our Water treatment services:

renovation of existing plants

plc INTEGRAted control

operation and maintenance

Pilot plants and testing

2. watercore : here to help with your questions

Contact Watercore today for more information on our custom-built water treatment systems and ways to increase your water treatment plant efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime. 



Here to help with our commercial and industrial water treatment solutions

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