demineralised water for car wash facilities: get rid of spots and scale stains after car wash rinse

reverse osmosis unit for water treatment in car wash facilities

Demineralised RO water for car wash facilities

Watercore Jet-Wash units deliver the perfect demineralised RO water for car wash facilities removing dissolved salts, hardness and impurities in water and guaranteeing a spotless rinse

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Watercore engineers work with car wash owners and operators in Australia to design water treatment units that provide demineralised RO water for their car wash facilitiesThe JET-WASH demineralization unit is the perfect water treatment solution for the car-wash industry with a compact design and plug-and-play functionality.

Water quality in the car-wash industry have a big impact on the spotless rinse and final customer satisfaction. It also represents an important share of the maintenance costs.
Reverse Osmosis removes dissolved solids and other impurities preparing the car wash water achieve a spotless and sparkling clean result. Using treated water also increases the effectiveness of soaps and detergents by removing carbonates that diminish detergent performance. 
The use of adequate water treatment (Filtration, RO  or softening) reduces maintenance and downtime and extends car wash systems life by preventing sediment and scale build up.
Watercore JET-WASH desalination treatment for car-wash facilities provide immediate benefits in water quality, maintenance and running costs:
  • Combines water softening and removal of dissolved salts in a compact unit
  • Fully enclosed in an IP55 free standing cabinet
  • Designed to deliver a typical flow of 160 litres of demineralized water per car-wash
  • Plug-and-play functionality.
  • User-friendly control panel and alarms sent by email

learn more about our reverse osmosis water treatment products for the car wash industry:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a pressure-driven membrane separation technique used to separate dissolved solids from solutions. Semipermeable membranes allow water and some dissolved solids to pass through, retaining the majority of dissolved solids.

Rejection is defined as the degree to which dissolved solids are retained by the membrane. It is expressed in terms of percent of feed concentration and typical values for RO membranes are 98% or 99%. That means that 98% to 99% of dissolved solids are retained by the membrane.

The higher the concentration of dissolved solids, the greater the osmotic pressure of the solution and the driving pressure required to force the water flow inside the membrane in the reverse osmotic direction. As a consequence, typical working pressures for low salinity waters are 10-20 Bar, while typical working pressures for seawater RO are > 50 Bar.

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