water treatment for australian hotels, resorts and holiday parks: turbidity filters, water softeners, iron removal, chlorination, desalination

turbidity filter water treatment for resorts and holiday parks

water treatment for australian hotels, resorts and holiday parks

turbidity and sediment filters, water softeners , chlorinations, desalination and every water treatment for our hotels, resorts and holiday parks

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Watercore engineers work with facility managers in the resort and holiday park industry in Australia to design and deliver the right water treatment solution for each application at the optimal cost.
Water quality in the hospitality industry have a big impact on the comfort and safety of guests and employees. It also represents an important share of the maintenance costs.
Resorts and holiday parks need treated water for many of their key activities including hot water, cooling towers, boilers, ice machines, and laundry services. In addition, treatment such as softening (hardness removal) or iron filtering can prolong the life and reduce maintenance needs for appliances and equipment in resorts and holiday park facilities.
Water water treatment solutions for hospitality, resorts and holiday parks are customized for each facility and provides immediate benefits in water quality and maintenance and running costs.

water treatment solutions for hotels, resorts and holiday parks:

CateringScale stains in glasses, cutlery and crockeryHigh hardness in water and/or salinityWater Softeners
Dish washersExcessive detergent use in dish washersHigh hardness in waterWater Softeners
LaundryPoor stain removal and excessive detergent dosages neededHigh hardness in waterWater Softeners
Taps and LaundryIron (rust-like) stains in clothes and blockagesHigh Iron concentration in waterIron & Manganese Filters
IrrigationReduced plant growth and germinationHigh water salinity RO Desalination
Tap waterHigh bacteria countLack /not appropriate water disinfectionWater Disinfection

learn more about our high rate sediment filters for water turbidity removal:

Many hospitality equipment require continuos operation which have no allowance for down-time periods for maintenance or fixing.

Watercore twin alternating filters have been designed to provide a continuos water supply alternating the filters during backwash or whenever a maintenance task is required. 

Dissolved iron in irrigation water is common in Australia. When it precipitates on pipes and hospitality equipment it can can cause several damaging problems.
How we can help:
Our iron filters can reduce the presence of Fe to levels as low as 0.1 ppm, which don’t represent any risk for hotels, resorts and holiday parks customers.


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