Reverse Osmosis FAQ


Many reverse osmosis concepts are complex and often misunderstood. Let us walk you through the main tips and tricks of this desalination technology

How to Overcome Feedwater Changes in Reverse Osmosis Systems

How to overcome feedwater changes in reverse osmosis systems

Feedwater analysis has always been the most important criterion to design and estimate the performance of Reverse Osmosis desalination plants, however it is common to find unpredictable and inconsistent feeedwater salinity with frequent and significant variations.
All Watercore RO systems incorporate a PLC that controls the concentrate-valve and automatically adjusts and optimises key performance parameters.

Key Sensors and Alarms in RO Plants

Reverse Osmosis key sensors and alarms

Modern industrial RO desalination systems are fully automated and staffed only in case of malfunctions, alarms or membrane cleaning. Sensors play a major role in the reverse osmosis control process.