Membrane Fouling as Key Reverse Osmosis Challenge

Reverse osmosis membrane fouling challenges

Reverse osmosis foulants are small particles and bacteria found in the system feed water that get trapped and accumulate on the membrane surface, preventing water permeability and reducing the membrane and whole RO equipment performance.

Sidestream Water Filtration for Cooling Towers: How and why it will save you Money

Sidestream Water Filtration For Cooling-Towers How and why it will save you money

Cooling towers draw air through the internal fill to provide the evaporative conditions that are responsible for water cooling.
Rule-of-thumb says that around 900–1800 m3 of air is in contact with each m3 of water.
The air normally contains particles of dust, soil, organic matter and other small contaminants in suspension. These particles are dragged from the air, carried by the cooling tower water stream and settle to the bottom.
Sidestream filtration is an economical and effective solution for cooling systems

Turbidity: top Key Parameter in Water Disinfection

Turbidity in water as key parameter in water disinfection

Turbidity of water is a key parameter in drinking water quality and makes disinfection more difficult.

Modern filtration media, based on activated alumino-silicate glass, can deliver a higher water quality, with at least 50% lower chlorine oxidation demand than an equivalent sand filter.