Water Softening FAQ


Water softening is widely spread in industrial and domestic applications. In this post we explain the basics of this technology

Pilot Plants for Small-Scale Testing of Water Treatment Techniques

Pilot Plants for small-scale testing of water treatment

A pilot plant is a collection of equipment and other materials designed to simulate what will happen on a full-scale water treatment process.
Pilot testing offers the flexibility to evaluate the performance of a scale plant that will work in real site conditions. It will show what needs to be improved and where weaknesses are.

How Soft Water for Cooling Tower Make-up Improves the Cooling Efficiency

Soft Water boosts Cooling Tower Efficiency

The use of soft water as cooling tower source water is beneficial in many ways, eliminating Calcium precipitates, providing a natural passivation method that prevents corrosion and increasing the number of concentration cycles with less chemicals.
Water softening is one of the most beneficial water management options for cooling towers